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Dear Members of Committees & Others, Minutes of the Wolli Creek Community Forum. The first Wolli Creek Community Forum for 2014 was held tonight at Rockdale City Council’s Conference Room. Apart from invited local community representatives and Council staff, the Deputy Mayor Councillor Liz Barlow & Second Ward Councillor Tarek Ibrahim were also in attendance. Thanks to those who referred items of interest to me prior to the Forum for Council’s consideration. You have received a reply on several of the matters raised, other responses from Council are included in the attached Issues Table. Brief comment of the Meeting Agenda items follow: 1. Council Officers considered the outcome of the Expressions of Interest called for the adaptive reuse of the Cahill Park toilet block to be disappointing. Although there was considerable interest when the EOI was advertised in September/November 2013 the submissions received were considered to be ‘weak’. There was only interest in the provision of cafes or restaurants. However, current planning for the site only permits 15 square metres for a kiosk. The current building is 80 sq. metres. There were only are two likely proposals and both would require a significant area of additional land to accommodate their wants. Council will now consider the outcome of the EOI at a Confidential Council Meeting tomorrow night. If the proposal for a cafe/restaurant is supported a rezoning of the site will be required, which could take 3-6 months to complete. The use of the site would then be put to market to assess further interest. Parking needs, flooding, and conflict with other park users (including circuses) appeared to be little understood. 2. The new (second hand) bus shelter at Woolworths was achieved as Council entered into a 5 year extension of the supply contract with Adshel – the company that owns and erects shelters gaining income from advertising. Internal lighting is yet to be installed and Council will also investigate the option of installing a litter bin next to the shelter. 3. Preliminary planning work is underway for the implementation of the Traffic & Transport Study following its formal adoption by Council last year (see my previous emails). A 2 stage plan is now underway with the first stage to include road painting and signage to initiate the one way traffic movement in Arncliffe Street – expected by 2014/2015. Improvements for pedestrian movement will be included with the initial stage. Council is also reconsidering the removal of the round-a-bout at Brodie Spark Drive. 4. A street lighting review is underway with an audit by Ausgrid commissioned. The current lighting standards around Wolli Creek do not provide adequate illumination, the lamps are inefficient, and the distances between poles is often too great. The priority is improvements at the entry to Wolli Creek (Brodie Spark Drive) and along Mount Olympus Boulevard. The new lighting design will also include Magdalene Terrace. The possibility of using LED street lighting also under consideration. Council funding is available for the street lighting upgrade. Council is also considering the widening of the footpath along Mount Olympus Boulevard. 5. The updated Issues Table was discussed – copy now attached. 6. Other matters raised or briefly discussed were: •Council is undertaking a daily survey of the ALDI site due to cracks and movements in civic infrastructure since excavation and pile driving commenced. •The opportunity for Council to input into the final design and quality of building works is limited. •Council will investigate the fencing and works occurring in Arncliffe Street outside the Proximity entry. •Council recommends residents refer minor issues (parking, litter, damage, lights out, etc.) to Council’s Customer Service Centre to facilitate tracking of investigations and the eventual reply. •Safety concerns raised due to the road layout in Bonar Street between the Meriton buildings. •Brief update on recent activities provided by Sarah Melody, Community Facilitator at Discovery Point. 7. Date for future meetings set – 3 June, 2 September, & 2 December 2014.
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