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Dear brother, am sorry am just writing you today, an unexpected event took toll on my emotions for some days and I couldnt put pen to paper until today. Am sorry to learn you wont be graduating this year, I took your school order of programme flip through it and cant just find your name there, I thought it must have been the printers mistake until I caught wind of it that its not happening, hmmmm its painful but what do we do? Well that is why am writing this piece. Blame makes lame so I will advise you to avoid blaming anybody or thing or your fellowship,blaming them wont make your school cancel their verdict and it will rather make you bitter and remember bitter people dont become better. Instead I will advise you to sit down and think how you will excel this time, be friendly with people a frowned face wont get you marks, move closer to those class rep and lecturers, move nearer to God as well , you need his strength, I know you feel hurt and ashamed of this whole issue . And if that sister wont respond to your proposal as expected, let her be, the woman you need is the one who will support you and be there in thin and thick circumstances,No good things will God withhold from those who walk up right in him,so just continue walking uprightly. This too shall pass and you will look back in the future and thank God you spent an extra year in school Your friend Osola
Posted on: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 19:45:48 +0000

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