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Dear future wife... . . i will let you tease me and make me blush,i will show you off to the world,i will kiss you anytime anywhere...i will let yu wear my shirts,i will ask for your warmth when am cold,i will cuddle with you,i will drop cute little notes in your clothes when you go to work,i will make silly faces with you,i will be there for you,i will have lazy days with you,i will be the best for you,i will laugh at your jokes,i will buy you random gifts just to see your surprised face,i will hold your hands in front of my friends,i will talk about you as the cutest girl in the world,i will sleep in your arms,i will cook great meals for you just so you look healthy and refreshed,i will get along with your friends,i will let you have your girl time,i will argue with you but will also accept when am wrong,i will bite your lips if you end our kiss too soon,i will give you cute babies... I WILL STAY FAITHFUL AND ALWAYS LOVE YOU... . so help me God!!
Posted on: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 08:34:54 +0000

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