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Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures. With 3 months to go for elections, Feku Modi has one hell of an itinerary. Hes realized that until he doesnt go pan-India, itll be impossible to become PM. Day before yesterday, he was in Kolkatta, spitting venom on both the Congress & the Communists while being SOFT on Pranab Da (to appease Bongs) & also Mamatas Trinamool (seems like appeasing a future ally). Yesterday, he visited a MUSLIM Businessmen meet in Ahmadabad, accompanied by his favourite Muslim sycophant Zafar Sareshwaala. There he spoke of Egalitarianism :P Today, hes in the predominantly Christian North-East and we shouldnt be surprised to know that the Hindu Hriday Samrat chose to visit the Hindu majority states of Assam & Manipur (he wouldve been lynched in the 100% Baptist Nagaland). I wonder if he (who doesnt even know Gandhis full name) will be able to name the 7 sister states of the North-East. :v If he really wants to woo the NE people, attacking the draconian AFSPA act and praising Irom Sharmila would help a great deal, but he aint doing that as that will go against Nationalism :P And a few days later, this OBC stooge of Brahmin-Baniya supremacists is slated to visit Kerala and meet some Dalit Christians. As I said earlier, Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures :P P.S. Kejriwal may be troubled by the chaos in Delhi, but he still is having the last laugh coz its his rise thats dented Fekus prospects and is making Feku all the more desperate to Reach Out to everyone :P #Feku #NaMo #Modi
Posted on: Sat, 08 Feb 2014 16:40:44 +0000

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