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Did you ever have asked to look at the sky who am I? Where am I? What is my purpose up open your eyes and heart........ Now What I am clear,.. I am one with everything and the whole thing with the one. I am the conscience and energy. I will never die, I am endures forever. My body is transforms, dying to meet up with the MOTHER EARTH, but my conscience and my energy lives. This world was made for this reason, learn. And this world, ( as they say the Ancient texts, including the Bible, Quran, etc.) He was handed over to Lucifer, marduk, snake, etc. For the right to govern and atormentarnos. This is why it has always been iniquity, and Thats why it has always existed Wars.. And their angels deceased ( annunakis ) have been guiándonos since the beginning of humanity, creating conflicts between us, taking advantage of us, but I still little. They know. Why are desperate and they are afraid. You know that has been a change. A lot of people are waking up this torpor. The Change in you. You are not what you are dressing, what aparentas.. Why do you want to make you believe. You are what you are, your essence. And we are all one. ! wake up! Inside of you there is something that tells you that what you say it is true.. Its like a tickling. We have been manipulated forever but you can be free or at least, to realize that you are more than a slave. We humans, we have got a lot of qualities and if we together we will be able to achieve what we want. But for that, you have got to believe it. Its Time to help your brother has fallen. To have compassion and love for each other. Stop the hate back.. A reconciliarte with those who have difficulty.. Its Time to believe.. That we can change the world.. Come a time when we have all things but got to spend.. Someday, we are all the time will come, the moment she died,.. But remember, your body, the death penalty,. You are eternal. Wake up this Power asleep Thats on you.. This is a collective consciousness.. I know a better person.. Conviértete in a human legitimate , No ataduras... Now I understand what he said Jesus to his disciples. I said, let it all and follow me. We are meant to leave the material,.. Not to be as God in the money, as is happening today. Obviously, we have to feed our families, we must work,. But now you know,. You are more than your job. Unfortunately, there are people who this message, do not you come and criticize him and burlarán, but they are already condemned.. To those who do I get this message, Its because you are a chosen in order to change this world. Your you chose to come to this world to learn and teach. To conclude.. I,.. My attitude is this. I believe in God strongly,. Hes in each of us, is light and it is a beginning and end. Alpha and Omega. God is not an old man with a beard as I start painting,.. God is infinite and your mind 3D cannot understand or even part of what is God. And I believe that he can intercede through us. An example, in order to understand that it is hard to understand other dimensions, looking for a third dimension. ( We are bound by our physical body ). I believe in Jesus, that was a great teacher and wine with a purpose to this earth to show his greatest legacy,. Love your neighbor. He tried to teach his disciples that only through the faith you can achieve what you want, how to heal sick, walk on water, perform miracles. Through faith in yourself and in God, can you activate your part of the divine. Jesus invites a Peter for a walk on water, but this doubt and sink. Attempts to divinizar Jesus for Constantine and THE POPE Clemente in the synod of nicaea, do not convince me. God is in every single one of us and not only in churches, less at the statues of plaster. I invite you to think a little bit of these things, even if it is 1 hour a day.. Think about your origins. Your relationship with the environment.. Let go. Do not be afraid. The fear you push, the truth you releases. I am free. Live the present and never forget the past. Enjoy the present and stop thinking about the future, given that the future is uncertain. The problems are tests... Afróntalas. Often times we are unhappy because we had 24 P. M. - in - Office of the day thinking about the past, or in the future.. This is now, now. Enjoy the things that gives you life,.. Breath, he meditates, I think.. Enjoy live.. Do not take very seriously this movie, now thats just that,. The reality is much more. Learn From Mistakes. Enjoy your family, your friends, nature. You will see that things are starting to take a new taste. Someday we tocará die.. Will sooner or later. It is a part of life, it is a process, but once again, I would stress, your heart did not die, your conscience, nor the fact that you are one with the universe and vice versa. Let these words, for which I will serve. We have a great test, More disasters but all this has to happen. Come from heaven and earth new.. Do not you want to be so eager to these elitistas. They have fear, build bunkers as if I were to be something. They are afraid because I already sold his soul. Instead, you are free. Choose always the good and if you are wrong, it does not matter, it is part of learning. Do not you will go to hell for this reason, this fear what inyectan in the church. Did you come to learn. Do not fall into the same mistakes. We must take a stand.. Or are you still doing the same life consumista, without respect, or you decide to renovarte and change and become a being more humanized. A hug
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