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Doing this just for the hell of it, he will never be for sale Goofey is a 16.1 1/2hh 15year old standardbred gelding. He is a very well mannered boy, lovely honest horse, but can be a bit cheeky when has had some time off, rarely ever pig roots or bucks, he has only done one good pig root in the two and a half years Ive owned him. He can be a bit piggy at dinner time, puts ears back, can come across as intimidating and rude if you dont know him, but he isnt he will wait for his dinner. He has had truck loads of show experience, has come home with many ribbons, mostly first, seconds and thirds, champions and reserve champions. He has jumped up to 1* but it was only a single cross country fence, he has a lovely walk, trot and working on his right lead canter. He can be a bit sluggish at shows and needs extra encouragement with artificial aids. Can ride him bareback in a halter, completely tackless, or bareback with a bridle. He is a very sensible horse who loves attention, swimming, trail rides, jumping and a good gallop! He has taught people to ride numerous times. He is great to float, rug, clip (doesnt like his face or wither being done) he is great to prep for shows. He stands quietly for the farrier to be shod or just a trim, is good for the dentist, and is great with the vets. I cannot fault him in any way shape or form, he is a one of a kind horse.
Posted on: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 10:57:52 +0000

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