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Double Entendre She was distinctly eye catching when first I saw her, the moment she entered was the moment she captured my undivided attention. I couldnt comprehend how her mere presence was able to completely eclipse everything else. It was something about her that made me unable to focus on anything or anyone that was sharing the same space as this person. A few years had already gone by since that fateful encounter, and my mind has been unable to forget about it. Its as if that the realm of my psyche has been fully occupied by her and only her. It was not only my mind that was affected but also my emotional aspect as a human or in a metaphorical sense, my heart. It only yearned and contained her, everything else completely irrelevant to make space for her veracious essence. She had too big on a hold on the fibers of my being. Too large of an influence on the world that I live in. Although I can say that she never leaves my sight, I am realistic. It is an impossibility that we can ever be linked in any way. Taking her on would surmount to having the entire weight of the world on my shoulders akin to the titan Atlas. Suffice to say, she is another world. One my arms are too weak to hold on to.
Posted on: Thu, 06 Nov 2014 16:15:27 +0000

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