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EXO Analysis - Meanings of EXO Member’s Names Because I was bored. In order of age. I really tried hard but there still might be some small mistakes since the meaning of characters can differ in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. I just interpreted it the way I seemed fit, so please don’t take this as 100% perfect. XIUMIN Birth name: 金珉碩 (Kim Minseok) Surname: Kim (金) -> Gold Given name: Minseok (珉碩) | Min (珉) -> a stone resembling jade | Seok (碩) -> large or great Meaning: A great jade-like stone Stage name: SM has yet to release the Chinese characters for ‘Xiu’ and ‘Min’ (If there are any); Xiumin himself though has used 秀珉 (beautiful/handsome + jade-like stone) in Exo-M’s Yahoo Interview. LUHAN Birth name: 鹿晗 (Lu Han) Surname: Lu (鹿) -> Deer (I’m unsure about Lu being his last name since it’s a uncommon surname to have and it is also not usual to have only 2 syllable names. Some fans have claimed that his last name is ‘Xi’ but until SM or Luhan himself state so I won’t take that into account. For now his official birth name is Lu as written on his official profiles. And why can’t an extraordinary person not have an extraordinary name?) Given name: Han (晗) -> pre-dawn, breaking dawn Meaning: Pre-dawn, breaking dawn (in case ‘Xi’ is his last name the meaning would become deer before dawn) Stage Name: Same as birth name KRIS Birth name: 李嘉恒 (Li Jiaheng / Eng.: Kevin Li), he changed it later for unknown reasons to 吴亦凡 (Wu Yifan / Eng.: Kris Wu) Surname: Li (李) -> Common surname like the Korean ‘Lee’, can mean Plum | Wu (吴) -> Family name without any special meaning other than it is the name of an ancient kingdom in China (Btw, it’s the same as Sehun’s last name, only Chinese reading) Given name: 1. Jiaheng (嘉恒) | Jia (嘉) -> fine, good, excellent | Heng (恒) -> permanent, constant 2. Yifan (亦凡) | Yi (亦) -> also, again | Fan (凡) -> mediocre, ordinary, common (can also mean everything) Meaning: 1. consistently great 2. Again ordinary, mortal (?) Stage Name: English given name SUHO Birth name: 金俊綿 (Kim Joonmyun) Surname: Kim (金) -> Gold Given name: Joonmyun (俊綿) | Joon (俊) -> excellence, magnificence | Myun (綿) -> cotton (can also be interpreted as soft or silk to make the meaning more beautiful) Meaning: Excellent cotton, softness, silk Stage Name: 수호 (Suho) -> Guardian, Patron LAY Birth name: 張藝興 (Zhang Yixing) Surname: Zhang (張) -> family name without any special meaning can also mean to spread or stretch out Given name: Yixing (藝興) | Yi (藝) -> art, craft | Xing (興) -> prosper, flourish, interest Meaning: Prospering in arts Stage Name: No information on the meaning revealed so far BAEKHYUN Birthname: 卞白賢 (Byun Baekhyun) Surname: Byun (卞) -> family name without any special meaning can mean law, impetuous, hasty though Given name: Baekhyun (白賢) | Baek (白) -> white, pure | Hyun (賢) -> virtuous, good Meaning: Pure and virtuous Stage Name: Same as birthname CHEN Birthname: 金鍾大 (Kim Jongdae) Surname: Kim (金) -> Gold Given name: Jongdae (鍾大) | Jong (鍾) -> clock, bell, chimes | Dae (大) -> large, big Meaning: Great bell Stage Name: SM has also yet to release the Chinese equivalent writing for ‘Chen’ CHANYEOL Birthname: 朴燦烈 (Park Chanyeol) Surname: Park (朴) -> surname which can mean simple or (magnolia) tree Given name: Chanyeol (燦烈) | Chan (燦) -> brilliant, vivid, illuminating, bright | Yeol (烈) -> ardent, violent, vehement Meaning: Intense brilliance, vehement brightness Stage Name: Same as birthname D.O. Birthname: 度慶洙 (Do Kyungsoo) Surname: Do (度) -> family name without any special meaning, can mean degree though Given name: Kyungsoo (慶洙) | Kyung (慶) -> jubilate, congratulate | 洙 (Soo) -> name of a Chinese river in Shangdong Meaning: Celebration of the river in Shandong Stage Name: No information on the meaning revealed so far TAO Birthname: 黃子韜 (Huang Zitao) Surname: Huang (黃) -> Yellow Given name: Zitao (子韜) | Zi(子) -> child, offspring | Tao (韜) -> art of war or conceal Meaning: Son of a man of war or a humble son Stage Name: Same as birthname, though it can also mean peach (桃) KAI Birthname: 金鐘仁 (Kim Jongin) Surname: Kim (金) -> Gold Given name: Jongin (鐘仁) | Jong (鐘) -> bell, chimes | in (仁) -> humanity, benevolence, charity Meaning: Spreading (?) kindliness, benevolence Stage Name: No information on the meaning revealed so far SEHUN Birthname: 吳世勛 (Oh Sehun) Surname: Oh (吳) -> family name, same as Kris Given name: Sehun (世勛) | Se (世) -> world, society | Hun (勛) -> meritorious deed or merits Meaning: Stage Name: Serving the world meritoriously Personal Opinion (Please Ignore): Minseok’s name is very beautiful and somewhat luxurious. He’s a man of value. It makes him more precious than he already is (^▽^)/ I reaaaally like it~~! Though I wasn’t sure about the correctness of Luhan’s name I thought that deer at the break of dawn is like the most beautiful name a person could have, and guess what? It belongs to the most beautiful boy in the universe XD (But the fact that his name literally means breaking dawn somewhat irked me… that bring up sparkly vampires in my head) Kris, Kris, Kris, what are we supposed to do with you? You have like ten different names, dammit! And personally I liked his original birthname better, it’s sad that he changed it from something inspirational to ‘ordinary’. Why would you want to be called ordinary? :( (But maybe that was a translation mistake on my side, I would hope so). Well, I guess he had his reasons~ Suho’s name is… let’s say I prefer his stage name. SM named him like that for good reasons. His birthname is really cute/funny though in its own special way. Yixing’s name is like right in the bull’s eye. His parents must be psychic. I was so surprised 0_O Out of all members his name seems to fit him the most. Baek’s name just cracked me up on so many levels XD It seemed like a very cute meaning (with guys being constantly called names which indicate strong, great blah blah) but for him it’s quite suitable, right? I really love it xD (Imagine that being Kai’s name though, pure and virtuous Kai). Chen-Chen’s name is hmm… I’m not sure if it has any special meaning, maybe like great person? And I’m really curious to know what his stage name means (actually what all the stage names of exo mean, d.o.? xiumin? SM, TELL US!) Chanyeollie’s name suits him so well. I mean with fire being his power and all. And his consistent energy, happy virus~ Channie and Lay seem to really have hit jackpot with their names :) Kyungsoo’s name is very unusual. Both his last and given name. It’s a little bit weird, a little bit unfamiliar but it is also absolute pefection. Because it is the name of one of the most precious boys on earth ;_; Tao’s name is badass, haha~ it can have a more violent and a more sensible meaning though~ like Tao? Kai’s name makes me lol. Kindliness and benevolence, huh? His name should be shexu godeu. Benevolence, my ass. Sehun’s name was most difficult to translate because it consisted of two hanjas I was absolutely unfamiliar with. In any case it’s a name like Kai’s. Wishing for your child to be of good help to the society. It’s a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning~
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