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Each Mercury retrograde period has a theme based on the sign or signs Mercury is moving through at the time. This time Mercury begins his backwards journey in Scorpio, then moves into Libra. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio can bring a deep purging, but sometimes this is a result of some pretty pointed truth-saying. Some truths are hidden for a reason, and when they all come surging up to the surface, they can bring destruction in their wake. This may be the only Mercury retrograde sign that makes me say, “proceed with extreme caution,” because things said cannot be unsaid and there may be consequences that leave the landscape entirely changed. Anything you have to say that feels like poison within you—as if it will kill you as long as you keep it inside—is especially cause for caution. Approach your listener with a desire for healing, not revenge. Clearing old stuff from the past should be done carefully and gently, because it may land with much more impact than you expect and its effects may well be permanent. As Mercury backs up into Libra (and it does so promptly—on October 10th), the mood lightens up a great deal. Now instead of revenge being a motivator, it’s about fairness. Mercury in Libra wants to negotiate, to hear as well as speak, and is capable of selecting what to say according to the listener’s ability to hear. Lesser Epiphany Day comes on October 16, bringing insights along with it. While there many be many lovers’ quarrels and other kinds of partnership arguments, clarity should descend around the 16th, and peace be restored—on a new footing—by the time Mercury returns to the degree in Scorpio where it turned retrograde in the first place. That’s 2º Scorpio and it happens on November 10.
Posted on: Sat, 27 Sep 2014 18:39:53 +0000

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