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East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem would not be the same without the wonderful musicians who contributed to the album, and the documentary behind the album could not be completed without your important help. Please go to the project page now and see how you can take part in this exciting journey with me: igg.me/at/davidbrozaejwjmovie Today I want to tell you about the people responsible for the great rhythms in the album - Gadi Seri the talented percussionist and Jean Paul Zimbris the master drummer: I met Gadi while performing with the phenomenal performing group from Israel, Mayumana. He joined the show that I was doing with them. Since then he is my main percussionist and drummer and a good friend. When I was thinking of the musical make up of the band Id want up in the studio in East Jerusalem it was obvious to me that Gadi had to be part of it. It didnt take too much convincing and he came and spent some sessions with us. Gadi is very unique in the wide array of influences in his playing as well as his deep knowledge of the rhythms and the source of percussion work. Since this was not going to be a Middle Eastern sounding album, however it needed the presence of such sound and rhythm , it was obvious that Gadi Seri was the absolute right person. The album is a cross between an Americana sounding tracks, along with the instrumentation of instruments pertaining to the Middle East and North Africa. I dare call it Country and West Bank music... :) Jean Paul is perhaps one of the most talented and unique drummers in the world. I last recorded with him 30 years ago on my album Klaf, however I never lost track of him and what he is up to. It was a perfect choice for the album. I needed someone that Steve Earle could work with and combine his great musical production sense and get the best and most unique results. This is exactly what happened. Jean Paul brought his musicality to the tracks and was so creative . He also enjoyed the environment in the studio and at the hotel. For me this was also a great chance to re unite which is a great feat. I cherished those days and moments and the album sounds so much better thanks to those ingredients.
Posted on: Mon, 03 Nov 2014 13:32:02 +0000

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