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Ethnic groups hold press conference to oppose “Rohingya” in census Published on Friday, 21 March 2014 22:29 Representatives from Rakhine State ethnic groups—including the Rakhine, Kaman, Myo, Kamee, Maramagyi, Dainat and Thet—have released a statement opposing the recognition of “Rohingya” as a legitimate ethnic category to be registered in the 2014 national census. The statement, released at a press conference held on Thursday (March 20) at the “M3” restaurant in Yangon, said the ethnic groups strongly oppose official registration of “Rohingya” in the census. The statement was signed by Rakhine representative Kyaw Sein; Zani Phyu from the Myo Literature and Culture Association; secretary Lay Thar Kyaw from the Kamee National Association; Aye Maung from the Dainat National Association; Yin Maung from the Thet National Society; Tin Ngwe from the Kaman Social Welfare Association (Yangon); and Thet Naing Tun from the Maramagyi National Society. The statement warned of potential damage to national sovereignty as the registration would set historical precedent for Bengalis to categorize themselves as “Rohingya”. The ethnic representatives at the press conference described the Bengalis as “illegal foreign immigrants” who are falsely claiming to have lived in Rakhine State for generations. They accused the ethnic minority of using the census to register officially as “Rohingyas” and thereby be recognized. Saw Khin Tint, chairperson of the Rakhine Literature and Culture Association, said she thinks that Myanmar’s government is under pressure from foreign countries and the Islamic Organisation for Cooperation, which has a membership of 57 countries, on the Bengali issue, and has thus found it very difficult to speak definitively about the issue. Alhough Rakhine social organizations, political parties and citizens have asked the government not to register the Bengalis as “Rohingyas”, the government has yet to make a clear response, said San Hla Kyaw, adding that “the Rakhine people” are awaiting a clear reply from the government and plan to boycott the census if they do not receive it. elevenmyanmar/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5465:ethnic-groups-hold-press-conference-to-oppose-rohingya-in-census&catid=44:national&Itemid=384
Posted on: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 13:41:35 +0000

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