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Everyone, What a difference a week makes! Last Thursday we had a series of breaks going in the crews favor. Last Friday we received on the pier the major piece of equipment that needed to be fixed for our Number One Main Diesel Engine. Yesterday, that piece of equipment was installed and today it was tested with positive results. As such, Mohawk and the crew are back on a timeline that has us getting closer and closer to coming home. More testing on our engines will continue this week and then we will progress into dock trials on August 25th and then sea trials on August 27th. Those hurdles need to be completed before we can proceed through a comprehensive Ready for Sea certification process just after Labor Day. Overall, MOHAWK is looking sharp. The amount of work being conducted by the crew inside and out is simply impressive. Its great to see the pride and ownership displayed by the Mohawk crew as they take back our ship. Finally, many thanks to the spouses back home that continue to take care of things while the crew and I are away. School has started once again and many spouses resume that all too familiar role of mother, father, sports and activities coach, mentor, and household teacher. Thank you all for filling those many important roles while we are apart! My best to you all, Adam Morrison sends
Posted on: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 23:56:19 +0000

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