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Everyone else said no.....DRSF had to say yes. Mickey and Olswald found themselves in a Tampa shelter with every strike against them they could possibly have; senior, sick, and a bonded pair. No other Florida Rescue was able to help them, but we could not say no and let their story end the way that it was going. They had lost the only Dad they had ever known due to his becoming homeless and were out of options. The shelter staff made the long shot call to DRSF to see if we would help. We said yes. We had to say yes. We once again ask your love and support to fund these boys for the specialized care they will need to give them every chance we can to help them experience the happily ever after that is within their reach. Mickey has cataracts, a growth on his leg and will likely lose all this teeth. Oswald has a severe heart murmur and will probably lose all his teeth as well. Will you help us fund their care? We have launched a FundRazr for them at https://fundrazr/campaigns/0oIT1/ab/616GO0 and welcome donations, shares, and well wishes
Posted on: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 02:47:00 +0000

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