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Everyone seems to have a strong opinion about fracking and oil exploration these days. We all want oil but we dont want anybody looking for it in our backyard. . . .do you think they do it better in other countries?? They dont. Educate yourself. Dont get sucked in to the hype. We do it safer, better and easier on the environment than anywhere in the world. Fact. Inconvenient as it may be. . . The High Price of Gas The hot topic these days seems to be the high price of gasoline. You hear about it everywhere, and usually the person who is talking about it is acting like this is something that just happened yesterday. Its happened a lot. Moreso lately in the last few years perhaps, but its cyclical like anything. Supply and demand have very little, if anything to do with this and if you believe that I would encourage you to do some research. If you think that an oil shortage exists in any shape or form we need to be dependent on foreign oil I would also urge you to do some real research on those topics before you believe the mainstream media. I have been in the oilfied business in one facet or another for almost 25 yrs. of my life. There is an unwritten rule in the oil business that says no one ever discovers oil in a great place to work. Oil is discovered in godforsaken shitholes like Angola, Kurdistan, Qatar, Bakersfield and Prudhoe Bay. These place are often remote and have extreme climate conditions which will run the gamut from 130 degrees to -85 below zero depending on which shithole you take up residence in. The average oilfied worker stays away from home for a lot of their life. They spend much of their off time in airports or cars getting to and from where they work. They work long hours in extreme conditions in environments which even in this day and age are not as safe as you might think. Many are trained firefighters, spill response techs etc. and have secondary duties to perform if an emergency arises. That means they dont evacuate, they just put on another hat and go to work at their other job. Naturally as you might expect the divorce rate in this business is thru the roof. I remember being at Prudhoe Bay when I was younger seeing grown men crying like babies on the pay phones in hallways begging their wives not to leave before they made it home. I swore Id never do that, Im sure glad someone invented cell phones. . . . .otherwise I couldnt have kept that promise. I dont remember the last time a month went by that I didnt toss 10 bucks in a collection jar for someone who has cancer. Being around benzene and the other chemicals that we are kills people young and you see high, high rates of cancer in this business. As far as deaths on the job go we are in pretty good company, right up there with cops and firefighters last time I checked. Im not trying to take anything away from anyone here so dont misunderstand me please, but the number speak for themselves. These numbers also include the people who take their own lives in the form of suicides off the job due to high stresses at work. The difference is when police and firefighters die they name highways and bridges after them and I think that is what they should do. When oilfield workers die the best your going to get is being the topic of a safety meeting that will place all the blame squarely on the dead people for years to come. To my knowledge very little if anything has ever been done to memorialize the people who die in horrific fires and other accidents in this industry. Now you might ask why anyone would ever do this for a living, or you might be snickering to yourself about all the money we make. Or you might be one of the folks who think that we are a bunch of uneducated rednecks who drive around all day and get paid for it. The reason we do it is because most, if not all of us love what we do. We also have a deep sense of pride and commitment that goes far beyond getting a paycheck. It takes a special kind of person to do this work. I personally feel I have been blessed in may ways to work around the caliber of people I have met in this business. If you think its easy give it a try. . . . . and if you think we all make tons of money youre sadly mistaken. When you support foreign oil you are funding extreme pollution in unregulated countries. You are contributing to societies that hate America, Americans and everything we stand for. You are contributing to societies that have no labor or safety laws and kill children at unsafe jobs every day. You are supporting giving huge amounts of money to societies that belittle, abuse and demean women in ways that you cannot imagine. It doesnt matter what side of the political fence you are on. Wrong is wrong. I hope you think about the high price of gas next time you fill up your car. I really hope you think about it the voting booth this fall. -DD
Posted on: Sun, 01 Jun 2014 14:56:44 +0000

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