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Ex-Governors Obnoxious Pensions: But the others - Tinubu, Saraki, Odili, Sani of Gombe, are all keeping quiet. And believe me, there are many more. I wont be surprised if Edo and Delta House of Assembly had passed the same laws to benefit Lucky Igbinedion and Ibori respectively? In the SW, I have not heard of any other state, except Lagos, but I know it is very possible they are in on the act too. And SE, I am sure you will find too. The North is also a place to shine our torches. Can of worms. They must be made to vomit it all back. Selfish, greedy, inconsiderate and insensitive IDIOTS we called leaders! And they dare come out and be telling us they are working for the people. Like hell they are. They are not only working against the people, but they working to impoverish and kill the people. Please dont get me wrong: They are entitled to pension....But the entitlement should be reasonable and sensible. In a document seen on the Internet about the remunerations of US officials, an ex-Nigerian governor earns far much more than an ex-American president even though USA is much richer than Nigeria...What an iron I am very ANGRY!!!!
Posted on: Sat, 07 Jun 2014 09:38:42 +0000

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