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Exam on Victorian Period সময় : ১০ টা থেকে ১০:২৫ পর্যন্ত মোট প্রশ্ন: ২০ টি। উত্তর কমেন্টস -এ লিখুন। 1. Who is a Victorian writer? a) Robert Browning b) Thomas Jean c) Bacon d) None 2. “Jane Eyre” is a novel by – a) Emily bronte b) Charlotte bronte c) Dickens d) T. Hardy 3. Victorian Period indicates- a) 1798-1832 b) 1558-1603 c) 1837-1901 d) 1801-1901 4. “God’s in his Heaven; All’s right with the world” Quotation by- a) Tennyson b) Browning c) Arnold d) Hardy 5. “The old Curiosity Shop”- a novel by- a) Thomas Hardy b) Aldus Huxley c) Dickens 6. “The Origin of Species” was published in the year- a) 1758 b) 1837 c) 1858 d) 1859 7. The “Industrial Revolution” occurred during- a) Renaissance b) Victorian c) Elizabethan d) None 8. “Far From the Madding Crowd” by- a) Dickens b) T.S. Eliot c) T. Hardy d) Huxley 9. The Term “ dramatic Monologue” was perfectly used in the poetry of- a) Keats b) Tennyson c) T.S. Eliot d) Browning 10. “ Lotus Eaters” is a poem by- a) Shelley b) Browning c) Tennyson d) Byron 11. “Fra Lippo Lippi” is written by- a) Tennyson b) Hardy c) Browning d) Bronte 12. Who wrote “Tess of the D’Urbervilles”? a) Thomas Hardy b) Dickens c) Huxley d) Forster 13. “A Doll’s House” was written by – (a) G.M. Signage (b) Henrik Ibsen (c) T. Hardy (d) C. Dickens 14. “Wuthering Heights” is – (a) a novel by Charlotte Bronte (b) a novel by Emily Bronte (c) a novel by Anne Bronte (d) a novel by Jane Austen 15. The poem “The Patriot” is written by – (a) Alfred Tennyson (b) Robert Browning (b) Mathew Arnold (d) John Donne 16. “The Return of the Native” is written by – (a) Aldous Huxley (b) Somerset Maugham (c) Alexander Dumas (d) Thomas Hardy 17. Who is the author of the “Victorian Age”? (a) Helen Keller (b) Mathew Arnold (c) Shakespeare (d) Robert Browning 18. Whose name is Mary Ann Evans? (a) Charlotte Bronte (b) Thomas Hardy (c) George Eliot (d) R.L. Stevension 19. Who wrote “The New Arabian Night”? (a) Thomas Hardy (b) W.M. Thackeray (c) Charles Dickens (d) R.L. Stevenson 20. Victorian Period was marked with – (a) simplicity of language and expression (b) super-naturalism (c) love for liberty and freedom (d) scientific and technological advancement
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