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* * * * * * * FEAR AND WISDOM, By Javier V. Maldonado = = = = = = = youtube/watch?v=T1ppV02tAAM youtube/watch?v=6QPMguEWIBA youtube/watch?v=OQWjZHnsfes The fear in the HEART of Humans of the Earth, Born with ignorance... But with the wisdom of knowledge And True Love in the Creation Fear is totally dominated by The absolute peace of consciousness. The Absolute Peace of Conscience, That many of you, Humans of Earth, Call as courage and wisdom. Then I asked you: What does 2 millennia of fear worth; Compared with 7 seconds of Love and Courage in your heart? The time is variable, It can be manipulated, and It is inversely proportional to The eternal progress and evolution Of The wisdom of knowledge, and True Love on Creation! The Human Beings of Earth are not yet able To distinguish this Essential difference In their lives, In their human evolution. When the man of the Earth Be capable, to make the difference, Then he will start a very different And unique day in his material, Human and spiritual life-evolution. However, this effort for discovering, understanding, to given a sacrificial hard-working to finally live every moment of your lives according to the true truth of life, and in harmony with true love that emanates from the Center of CREATION, will be done in considerable accumulation of human lives or reincarnations, equivalent to millions of years ...in order to this amazing achievement be done and get in a individually way for. Because this connection with Spirit of Creation for every human being, our Universal Consciousness, it is developed by each human being personally and individually, in a tuff life long effort and hard-working job, through the accumulation of experiences, knowledge, wisdom and efforts over millions of reincarnations material-human lives, which finally bear its own fruit. The most delicious fruit, The most precious treasure That can exist in the universe. Because Love, true love, is the true wisdom that emanates from the Center of CREATION, and that is the ultimate essence of material and spiritual life of the very existence of BEING. However it is expressed in every living being In the Universe, through its Love and Wisdom. Through its immeasurable Inner and outer beauty, Material and spiritual beauty. Because in the whole universe, As same is for this world, There are wonders and hidden treasures Which are visible and accessible For every Human on Earth. But unfortunately and because The mental illness and blindness of conscience, From the People of Earth, Man and Woman of Earth cannot able to To recognize and avail them. When JMMANUEL, 5th. Great Prophet of Truth Sent to Earth (more known by most of you, Terrestrial humans, with his false name of Jesus) He said he could move the mountain to him, If he could not go to the mountain; With the power of the SPIRIT OF CREATION... He did not say this as fantasy or metaphor... It was and is real. Intellectual-mental, physical and conscience capacity Of Human beings anywhere in the Universe They have no limits and are constantly evolving Through eternity. But every human being must recognize this progress-human evolution through his efforts along of his human lives and spiritual evolution through the millennia; he or she must learn to recognize the real truth of life, to live and evolve in harmony, according to the eternal Laws of Creation first, then to achieve such power. Only in this way and with hard working and sacrifice Throughout his endless human lives or reincarnations, Which takes Millions of years, humans May accumulate enough wisdom of knowledge And true love, which is emanating from The Center of Creation, To develop such power of The Spirit in his true BEING. And this Power of Spirit in each of them, In human beings of Creation Is in direct proportion to His love and wisdom. Love is generous and gives compassion to Every single creature in the Universe. Love is the greatest power in the Universe. True Love which is emanating from The Center of Creation Makes from men and women Of the Universe, The most blessed and powerful beings In the Universe. A measure of weight of material wealth It is not comparable even with One thousandth unit of spiritual wealth In true Love and Wisdom, In the micro and macro cosmos. The love that exists in your heart, It also beats in mine, Because you and I, We are only one heart! All the good and / or evil thing You do to other creature or living being, You do it to yourself too. Javier/PERU = = = NAMASTE! • The best of me salutes you. • I see the good in you, because I know the good in me. • I greet that place where you and I are one. • I honor the spirit in you which is also in me. • My higher power bow to your higher power. • I love your inner truth (not referring to you as an ego). • The spirit in me is identified with the spirit present in you. • My greeting recognizes the equality of all, and honors the sacredness and interconnection of all, as well as the source of that union. • I honor that place in you where the entire universe dwells, I honor that place in you that is a place of love, truth, light. And I know that when you are in that place within you, and I am in that place in me, you and I are one. • Blessed are you and your spirit, because you and I are the unit, Universal Consciousness! • I love you with the wisdom of the spirit that dwells in you and me. • You and your spirit are welcome, Our being and glory of our spirit, The Creation is! Javier / PERU = = = Mr. Javier V. Maldonado Alliance for responsible humankind on Earth & DERN Universe! Telephone (0051) 9970-24-006, LIMA-PERÚ. [email protected] figu.org, Billy Meier, Switzerland; theyfly, Michael Horn, USA. futureofmankind.co.uk/billy_meier/goblet_of_truth steelmark.websitetoolbox/post?id=2895459 * * * * * * *
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