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*FIRST POSTING* - Another track from The Dangling Thread album, with a slideshow type clip using flower pictures taken by my father :) Expressive and emotional with hints of melancholia. Just before the dawn breaks, after the morning dew, when the flowers are dripping tiny tears of water, and your world wakes to a pixelated morning of inner beauty and truth. We had a Roland Sh-201 for a time and this was the track where it was featured the most. It is doing both the main melodic/harmonic layers as well as some of the psychedelic twirls. Surprisingly, even though it looks like a toy, the synth engine is legit! Experimented with new kinds of layering using methods we havent used before. Also featured is the Korg Ms-20 Mini, Doepfer Dark Energy II and Scope Modular. https://youtube/watch?v=xDX5SU7krC0
Posted on: Mon, 06 Oct 2014 12:14:27 +0000

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