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*************************FLIPKART WARRANTY SCAM************************* How can Flipkart claim Warranty Summary: 2 year Nikon India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance for Nikon cameras when Nikon India has clearly barred Flipkart products from its Warranty Agreement? Nikon India Customer Care is also reiterating that they shall not be honoring any warranty for Flipkart products while mentioning that the same is also mentioned very clearly in their (Nikon Indias) website. Also Nikon is taking the pains to mention this specifically in all their ads published in various magazines and dailies. So isnt Flipkart aware that they can be sued for false and misleading advertisement? Something is clearly amiss as flipkart twice deleted my inquiry on their fb page. Flipkarts customer care is assuring that - they (Flipkart) shall replace the product if any manufacturing defects arise within 2 years of its usage from their end. But how can I prove that oral assurance later if such scenario arises? I want written assurances from FK so that it can be proved later. I shall not invest in a costly camera from Flipkart without at least a written assurance to that affect. nikon.co.in/en_IN/about/product_news.page?ID=templatedata/en_IN/taggable_content/data/news/Products/Flipkart-news
Posted on: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 11:07:50 +0000

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