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FLUID INDEPENDENT LAB RESULTS In light of the recent findings that some flavor manufacturers were not entirely truthful about AP and Diacetyl content in their flavors, we decided to invest in sending all our liquids to an independent lab for analysis. (Enthalpy Analytical) Of the 50 flavors we offer, 11 came back with measureable amounts of either AP and/or Diacetyl. While these levels were very low, we have taken the stance that any GC/MS measureable amount of either AP or Diacetyl will not be tolerated in our products and have removed these 11 flavors from our line. We will be working on these flavors to bring them up to our standards and reintroduce them when/if possible. The 11 flavors are as follows: Chocotini, Cinnamon (.Y.), Coffee, Green Sleet, Nut Job, Peach Cobbler, Pyrus+, Sirnana, Strawnilla Custard, Stroco, & Vanilla Custard. While we did everything in our power to avoid these components, the only way to be entirely sure is to have the final product Analyzed by an independent lab. Rest assured that any new flavors released by Fluid Industries will be held to these same standards. My Regards, -Rob
Posted on: Sat, 01 Nov 2014 17:58:43 +0000

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