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False eyelashes have been in the news a lot lately…But what i find to be true is when dealing with a Knowledgeable Professional Licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist that stays current in the beauty industry and believes in continuing education courses…cares a lot about the profession that they are in and that they are concerned about the health of their clients hair…whether its lashes or brows…its hair! There is absolutely not a lash on the market that will take out your own lashes…Its the lash tech application and the removal by the client that will take out your lashes…HUH? Either they were applied incorrectly and the client decided to remove them or they were applied using an adhesive that was too harsh or not made for the eyes or the application was incorrect and the client pulled them out due to the discomfort they were causing. I would never sacrifice the clients natural lash for a technique that is unhealthy and uncomfortable..the biggest problem with false lashes is that some clients want them to last forever..and unfortunately they are not designed to do so..Your lashes serve a very important purpose..To keep dust, and other air borne particles out of your eyes…they are made to protect your eyes…and sooner or later those that are wearing THICK lashes applied with ardell glue and or hair glue will no longer have lashes and will have to resort to using Latise. They will eventually suffer from complete loss of their lashes or very thin lashes..its called alopecia.
Posted on: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 03:51:55 +0000

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