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Family is one the most valuable treasures there are. As young siblings, you name it, we either did it or something like it. All of the enjoyable things that kids get away with doing, and at the end of each day, no laws or body parts were broken, everyone is tired and ready to just go to sleep. When I was real young most of us slept in two rooms but if the day was real fun we’d all fall asleep in one room; wherever Johnny slept because he was “The protector”. Johnny was never a “Bully” or a person to be afraid of, he has always been a kind individual; he’s just not the one to mess with or betray and has used his life protecting the ones he loves. When we got older it wasn’t like we had planned to go our own separate ways, I guess life just happened and each of us are doing our own separate things in different cities. The means to reconnect aren’t an easily accessible option so thanks to the internet we somewhat suffice, being content that perhaps that may be an only option for now. There comes a time when the ones you love the most become thoughts, memories, and the main characters in your fondest dreams. My parents have been in quite a few of my dreams and sometimes the dreams are so real, I have to wake up twice just to realize they are dreams. I dream about my brothers all of the time especially during the Holidays. My brother Johnny has a real busy life between having to work and taking extra courses to enhance his job skills he has a limited time to just take pleasure in life but he does utilize that time to make his life enjoyable. I was having an interesting dream about my family and friends wanting me to come out and play (I always have this dream when I’m depressed). KNOCK,KNOCK,KNOCK; was it in my dream or real life? KNOCK,KNOCK,KNOCK; I peeped out and seen my brother but it was a little louder this time so it actually woke me. The only reason I woke is because someone was knocking on my door in and out of my dream as well … it was my brother ‘Johnny!! … It was almost insane; an actual dream come true in real time. I didn’t know that it was him at the door and I really, really, really, did not expect it to be, however it has been a wish and a prayer. You know how you just love someone so much that there are no words that can deliver the message so the words are replaced with a “Is the for real/I am extremely happy Hug” … Of course!!! We did some catching up; he read some of my stories for my next book and really enjoyed them while I showered and got ready to go out. Then we walked to “Mamas Kitchen” in Belltown (Seattle) and talked more over a good meal, he shared his life with me and I listened, I asked questions about his job where he has been “Employee of the month” then walked and talked to each other and the good folks in my community that were out and about just for a little while. It has been over a decade since we’ve had a time as constructive and fulfilling as that day, I am grateful and happy most of all for my brother and also with one less thing to contribute to my occasional depressions. In the building where I live, the visitors have to be on your list for 24hrs before they’re allowed to go to your place; sometimes I just wake up from a dream and add a name. Have you ever heard the words “Find a little something and dream the rest” well, I just woke up and I’m going to add some names to my visitor’s list because in my dream I just had a family/friend re-union!! ~Paridon
Posted on: Sat, 14 Sep 2013 23:22:55 +0000

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