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Fast Track Your List MAKE MONEY Using Solo Ads! Until youve got that initial list, its a bit of an uphill battle. You could spend your time doing article marketing, video marketing or other free online network marketing strategies. OR... you could eliminate the struggle and spend some money. And... if you are going to spend some money, theres nothing better than buying solo ads. There are several reasons why solo ads are an attractive online network marketing strategy: -> Solo Ads are relatively inexpensive compared to other paid services -> Solo Ads are a very fast way to build a list You can target only those interested in what you have to offer, You are leveraging the power of other peoples efforts Solo Ads are where you pay to have your email sent to someone elses list. It gives you the opportunity to put your ad in front of thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands of people already subscribed to someone elses list. With a compelling offer, targeting the right audience and demographic and great ad copy you will have people opt-in to your list and be connected to you. When writing or buying your solo ads copy, there are four parts that it should contain: A - attention I - interest D - desire A - action. Out of all of these, the most important is the Asubject line. Because if your subject line isnt compelling enough to make your reader want to click and open your email... The other parts dont matter! Take a look at the following example: Subject Line 1: Home Improvement Tips Subject Line 2: 3 Shocking Truths About Home Improvement Which one would you open? Next is the Body that create interest, touch their emotion and make them desire to see your offer ... Finally Call To Action which is your link. This section is designed to do one thing & one thing ONLY: Sell the reader on clicking over to your website/landing page. N/B: Do not try to sell your prospect on joining your business or joining your mailing list. That is NOT what it is designed to do. Solo Ads are simply designed to get your prospect to click over to your offer! It needs to be short and to the point. Avoid anything that may distract your visitor such as putting too much information (no long-winded explanations) and NO links for them to click. Always open your body with your strongest call to action and a link to visit your website. Continue to insert your call to action throughout the Body. You are trying to get them to react to your call to action and there is no better way than by appealing to their emotions. What you can do for them, why do they need what you have to offer, how will it help them? Creating a great ad copy is something that requires lots of practice in order to become really good at it. And if youre not the best, dont worry about it. Get a hold of some great gigs on fiverr( ) that has good feedbacks from previous buyers. Order copy from the experts. Or do the writing yourself if youre experience enough, when writing ad copy, it needs to stir up emotions and be compelling enough so your prospect will perform the Call To Action. The Offer is what you are trying to get your reader interested in. It can be any product, service, or information that is relevant to your target audience, and has a HIGH perceived value (even if its FREE). N/B: Never send your traffic straight to an offer to buy or join your downline because youll lose out on your overall potential profit! ALWAYS send your traffic to a capture page first and require them to opt-in. Remember, the goal of Solo Ads is to build your LIST! If youre really serious about building your LIST to generate leads online or have found a good SOLO ADS PROVIDER and need a CALL-TO-ACTION COPY thatll convert, then this might be perfect for you: P.S, SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING BEFORE YOU ORDER:
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