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Five months ago tonight, August 22nd, 2014, I discovered serious injuries on both of my feet. The 22 weeks that would follow would be a circuitous and bewildering path - one laden with profound fear and deep sorrow, but alternately with manifest blessings and healing mercies. Its crisis point would be reached on November 19th, at which time I would have to have emergency surgery performed on my left foot. (NOTE: I have not yet fully shared the details of the surgery here on Facebook. I will eventually. Im just not quite there yet. But I will divulge that it was a life-altering procedure with long-term consequences. Not catastrophic, but traumatic. I will write much more about this in the days ahead). Yesterday, after nine weeks of post-surgical recovery and six weeks of twice-weekly wound care, I was told that I was done. Healed. I could scarcely absorb the words as they came out of the mouth of my physical therapist: Well Kristin, I do believe that today is graduation day for you. Really? REALLY? Yes. Really. So what to say now? Man. It is hard to find the words. This ordeal has cost me a lot - financially, emotionally, and experientially. I believe that the cost is incalculable actually. There is much grieving to be done. On the other hand, this experience has come bearing many gifts. Chief among them has been the realization, yet again, that my life is an exquisite tapestry. One that is woven with the most faithful God, the most beautiful people, the most caring community, and the most fierce display of sacrificial love that anyone could ever hope to imagine. It is to these things that I will cling. It is because of these things that I will survive. And it is for these things that I will whisper words of thanks - unspeakable, inexpressible thanks - into Gods ear each and every day.
Posted on: Fri, 23 Jan 2015 03:47:02 +0000

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