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Folks tonight I cannot disclose much information because I have been entrusted to remain confidential. But tonight I am asking you to go before the throne of grace for someone whom I just adore, she is a wonderful person to so many and she lights up a room with her smile. She needs a touch in her body in a mighty way, she has cancer but the God I serve says that this cancer can dry up and be sent to the pits of hell from where it came. So tonight I am asking every prayer warrior to pray for her with me, the best part about prayer is that we dont need to know names because Jesus knows all about her. Also I ask that you pray for her family that God will comfort them and give them his peace as they trust in him to do a great and mighty work in her body. Father in the name of your precious and mighty son Jesus, I pray for my dear friend we ask you Lord right now that you will amaze even the doctors with your great and mighty works. We pray tonight that you will dry up this cancer Lord shower her with your precious healing blood, let your blood flow through her body and make her whole Lord. We pray that even now you will let her feel your presence Lord let your mighty power fall upon her and her family. God you are able to do all that we ask. You said in your word if we have the faith of a mustard seed we can say to the mountain be thou removed and it will be, so tonight we tell this cancer in Jesus name to leave her body. Touch her now God from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Bless her and keep her cradle her in your loving arms. Give her hope for tomorrow and let her know that you are in control. In your mighty name we say thank you in advance. Let the church and the people say Amen and amen
Posted on: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 01:01:30 +0000

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