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For where are your generals,i explained,academicians,journalists and politicians in Uganda,upto now have never answered that question!This is bse the anti-amin struggle according to Dr.A.M.Obote and UPC started on 25th january,1971,the very day idi-amin and his imperial backers staged the coup!The DP rank and file and other reactionary forces jumped on Amin and they never saw even the formation of the upc force Kikosi Maluum;KM at owiny kibul in southern sudan and its being re-located to Tanzania.When Tanzanian army(TPDF)and UPCs KM;with other minor groups made the final battle against idi-amin,a number of leading ugandans claimed that they had been fighting Amin.To expose such lies Dr.A.M.Obote asked,if you fought where are your generals?Which battles did you fight?,which towns did you capture? The masquaraders of the anti-amin war have not stopped at anything,they still claimed to have lost fighters,who drowned in L.Victoria,yet these belonged to KM&UPC has the details with Tanzanian Government!
Posted on: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 12:09:07 +0000

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