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Friends in Allen County, tomorrow we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to vote on the structure of our county government. I encourage you to vote YES on the public question* but even more than that, I implore you to understand the CURRENT structure. I care more that people understand what they’re being asked/answering than that they answer the same way I do. For me, the issue comes down to separation of powers. In grade school we learn about the branches of government and checks and balances. Did you know that the County Commissioners are both the legislative and executive branches? That makes my head explode. And guess what – the referendum fixes that, moving legislative powers to the County Council where they belong. There is lots of information about the referendum available, and I am happy to answer what questions I can or point you toward other sources, but please, BE INFORMED when you mark your ballot tomorrow (and for god’s sake, VOTE tomorrow)! And one last thing – did you know we can vote to go back to the existing structure if, after implementing the new one, we found it worked better before? So we can’t lose – there’s an escape clause! *Shall the County Government of Allen County be reorganized to place all executive powers in a single county executive and to place all legislative and fiscal powers in the county council? YES!!
Posted on: Mon, 03 Nov 2014 14:04:00 +0000

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