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From Annette Spaur: Mark Myers and I are back from the County Commission meeting. This is what we learned. On or about the 16th of December Josh Downey received a letter containing a photo of the Nativity on the Courthouse lawn. The letter was from a group that calls its self Freedom From Religion. They claim that they received the photo and a complaint from an unnamed concerned citizen. Josh saw no reason to have the Nativity removed at that time. He has been researching the group that sent the letter as well as the laws that may apply. He has asked that we submit as many letters as possible to his office in support of allowing the Nativities to remain. It would be nice if we could all manage to show our support of and unity as a community. We can not sit by and allow one cowardly person and a group of outsiders to dictate how we as a community celebrate. I say cowardly, because someone of character and strength of conviction would have come forward and stated their case in person. So I am asking all of you please write even if its a brief note of support. Or have your Church write one that all your members sign. If you belong to a private club or civic group do the same thing. If you live in an apartment building write the letter and go door to door. Please do not let these people win.
Posted on: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 02:23:09 +0000

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