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[GRAND LAUNCH TODAy( January 9,2015 | 12:00pm ) ] Are you ready for the most exciting gameplay youll gonna experience?A new classic server with maximum level of 255 partnered with maximum job level of 120 each class.All stats are maxed out at 300 with a 1000x/1000x/60% gaming rate.Moreover, we have many events that you will be able to enjoy whether you love PvP, GvG, solo or party events.So what are you waiting for? Join FreedomRO today and begin your new gaming life exciting. Meet new friends, make new enemies, enjoy hour per hour events, harvest your way to richness! Start to make your HISTORY!!! For a more personal touch, We added starting kits via mac-ip based.So you dont need to worry about your starting journey upon our server. We also added some sealed gods which is you can purchase on our voting systems.! PLEASE! LIKE AND SHARE THIS POST! Thanks, See you guys tomorrow! [Grand Opening: JANUARY 9, 2015] Lite Client Released! https://youtube/watch?v=l_3o8C7rNYc Website: playfreedomro Register: playfreedomro/?module=account&action=create Lite Installer: https://mediafire/?oc72bfvm5p368ac
Posted on: Fri, 09 Jan 2015 03:35:23 +0000

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