**** GREATEST INVESTMENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD **** *** MAJOR CHANGES ARE HAPPENING WITH OUR BANKS *** Since 2010, the IMF, World Bank, and BIS (Bank for International Settlements) and 200 countries have been working on sending us back to the Gold Standard. It is a historic event and a huge undertaking AND will be the GREATEST WEALTH TRANSFER in the history of World. Once the IMF and BIS revert all of our banks back to the Gold Standard. The worlds currency will go thru a RESET. EVERY currency in the world will revalue depending upon the country’s gold assets. The more assets the stronger the currency will become and the less, the weaker. Some countries will REVALUE over 3000+%. One country is IRAQ. People are buying Iraqi Dinars because the Dinar rate will REVALUE back to its PRE-WAR rate of $3.22 USD. What does this mean exactly? Simple. Say you BUY 100,000 Iraqi Dinars Now multiply that by $3.22 USD (the revalued PRE-WAR rate) 100,000 IQD x $3.22 USD = $322,000 US Dollars Now multiply that by 3.2 / 1.25 (USD to RM / SGD exchange rate) Your dinars are worth in RM1,030,400 JUTA / $402,500 SGD You are now a millionaire (JUTAWAN) IRAQ IS READY FOR THE REVALUATION !!!! Iraq is No. 1 in the World for Gas Iraq is No. 2 in the World for Oil Iraq has the largest Gold deposits in the Entire Middle East Iraq has the richest Agriculture land in the Entire Middle East. Iraqs 2013 GDP is the largest of ALL the Middle East countries Iraq is No. 2 in the World’s Fastest Growing Economies (see below for the link) NOW == > 1 Iraqi Dinar is worth 0.00086 USD….IT WILL GO TO $3.22 USD OR HIGHER Iraq is without a doubt probably the richest country in resources on Earth. So how is this possible that Iraq has so much wealth and so many investors are pouring into Iraq AND the money is worth 0.00086 USD? Iraq’s currency prior to 1990 was $3.22 USD per Dinar, it was the sanctions and currency control manipulation that were placed on the country by the United Nations that caused its currency to drop to 0.00086 USD per dinar. Iraq is now a sovereign country again. The sanctions have been removed. It is ONLY a matter of time WHEN the Iraqi Dinar REVALUES back to its PRE-WAR value. OUR CONCEPT IS SIMPLE…… BUY IRAQI DINARS NOW WHILE THE PRICE IS LOW (0.0086USD) AND THEN SELL THE DINARS WHEN THE PRICE IS HIGH ($3.22USD) BUY LOW => SELL HIGH ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some VIDEO LINKS about this: IRAQI DINAR WILL REVALUE youtube/watch?v=OHisqkpPfNI IRAQ NO. 2 OF THE TOP 20 FASTEST GROWING ECONOMIES. (businessinsider/fastest-growing-economies-through-2015-2013-1?IR=T&op=1#ixzz33c4Uq6dh) IRAQ INVESTMENT FACTS - iraqidinar123/iraqi-dinar-investment-mind-changing-facts/ THE IRAQI DINAR REVALUATION IS REAL AND IS PART OF THE GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET WHICH INVOLVES THE IMF, BIS, UN, WB, WTO AND 200 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD. THIS IS A GREAT HISTORIC EVENT AND A ONCE IN A LIFETIME INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY. ============================================= INVEST YOUR MONEY INTO COUNTRIES THAT CANNOT BE SHUTDOWN OR WILL RUN AWAY WITH YOUR MONEY. THIS IS NOT A GAME OR A SCAM...THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO TRY..... THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU A MILLIONAIRE AND CHANGE YOUR LIVES FOREVER. ..... WE ARE NOT INVESTING IN ANY COMPANY OR PROGRAM OR SYSTEM. NOR IS THIS A PYRAMID OR PONZI SCHEME NOR MLM. THERE ARE NO CYCLING, NO BOARDS, NO RECRUITING, NO DOWNLINES. THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE INVESTMENT, THERE ARE NO CONTRACTS, NO FEES...AND ABSOLUTELY NO SELLING INVOLVED….NONE OF THAT RUBBISH! WE ARE INVESTING IN COUNTRIES. WE ARE INVESTING IN PHYSICAL CURRENCY. BUYING CURRENCY LOW AND SELLING CURRENCY HIGH. AGAIN I REPEAT WE ARE DEALING WITH PHYSICAL MONEY...NOT ONLINE FOREX. WE DEAL THRU INTERNATIONAL BANKS, LIKE HSBC AND CITIBANK. NOTHING ILLEGAL AND 100% HALAL AS PER NATIONAL FATWA COUNCIL OF MALAYSIA RULING ON FOREX. OVER THE PAST 8 MONTHS, I HAVE MADE OVER 1,500 FB POSTS RELATED AND CONFIRMING THE VALIDITY OF THIS EVENT. BANK NEGARA AND MONETARY AUTHORITY OF SINGAPORE ARE READY FOR THE NEW GOLD STANDARD. IT IS REAL AND IT IS HAPPENING NOW. YOU HAVE A REAL CHANCE TO BECOME RICH, TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE AND BECOME DEBT FREE FOR LIFE. I HAVE OVER 200+ IN MY GROUP AND FROM THAT 120 PEOPLE WILL BECOME MILLIONAIRES FROM THIS INVESTMENT. MY GROUP IS IN 8 COUNTRIES, FROM MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, BRUNEI, PAKISTAN, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, AND AMERICA. PLEASE ADD ME AND PM ME TO BUY IRAQI DINARS OR IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. WE EXPECT THIS EVENT TO OCCUR BY ANY TIME. TIME IS RUNNING OUT.
Posted on: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 01:46:52 +0000

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