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Girl: “We can’t be together anymore , I can’t tell you why , but I’m breaking up with you.” Boy: “What , why? We love eachother so much. Is something wrong?” Girl: **wipes her tears** “No , everything is fine. I need to go now.” Boy: “ Just always remember if you need me , I’ll be there for you. I’d do ANYTHING to be together.” The girl nods and walks back home. The girl didn’t show up to school at all the next week , or the week after that. He began to get worried so he called her house. Her mom picks up the phone : “ Hi , who is this?” Boy: This is your daughters ex-boyfriend. I haven’t seen her at school and wanted to see how she was doing. The girls mom : You didn’t hear about it? Boy: Hear about what? **his heart began racing in fear , wondering what happened.* The girls mom: She is in the hospital. She has been very ill and the doctors don’t know how much longer she has. The boy dropped the phone and rushed to the local hospital and asked if he could visit her. The doctor : I’m sorry but I’m afraid it’s too late. We just called her family to let her know that she passed away. Boy: No , this can’t be happening. Can I please see her for one last time? The doctor: I’m sorry , we aren’t allowing any visitors inside her room. She asked us to give a boy this note. She didn’t give us a name. Go ahead and take it , it might be for you. **he hands the boy the note.** The boy begins to sob and goes into the waiting room and unfolds the note. : “Dear Jake , I love you so much. I always thought we would get married , have a family , grow old together. I’ve been severely ill for a while now. I didn’t want to tell you because I wanted you to be happy. I thought that you would get over me and move on after I broke up with you. I figured this way you wouldn’t feel any pain about my death. I know we will be together again in heaven , when the time is right , I love you…..” The boy didn’t know what to do. He was so heartbroken and sad. That night , his mother started to worry. He never came home. She called the cops and they looked for him everywhere , they did everything they could. After a long night of searching , they found him dead in a ditch. He was holding the girls note in one hand , and a paper in the other. The cops unfolded the paper , in bold letters it read , “I told her I would do ANYTHING to be together..”
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