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Global Warming? I am not fully convinced on this topic, either one way or another --- which means that I am standing on the middle line of the road, looking in both directions to see what is coming.... I went to numerous sites to examine this issue. Apparently rising sea levels seem to be the biggest factor on the side of the global warming crowd. The sea level does seem to be rising in a lot of places..... My first question is, Is it happening everywhere, or only in some places? There are a number of things that can cause this.... 1) If sea levels are rising in some areas, but not in others --- I would ask the question, Could plate tectonics be involved? The Earth has a thin crust that is floating on molten magma. It is possible for some areas to be pushed up, while other areas are pushed down, beneath the sea. Has anyone looked into this possibility? 2) If it is happening uniformly all over the Earth --- not just in some places --- I would conclude that melting ice from land surfaces are going into the sea to add to the volume. You may or may not know that if all of the icebergs that are in the oceans right now were to melt all at once, it would not raise the sea level at all --- That is because they are already in the water. They would not add anything to the total volume. If, however, ice from land masses were to melt and flow into the sea --- that would add to the total volume. Whether or not it froze later, is of no consequence. Just being in the sea has already added to the total volume. My next question is, What would cause this? There are a number of things that can cause this.... 1) Even a very slight change in the tilt of the Earth can cause dramatic climate changes over which we have no control.... 2) The Earth has slight variations in its orbit around the Sun. It does not take much of a variation to cause dramatic climate changes over which we have no control.... 3) The Sun is not constant in its emissions. There are periods of higher Sun spot and general activity that can cause dramatic climate changes over which we have no control.... 4) The Moon is slowly, and constantly moving away from the Earths orbit, by about a foot, every year. The Moon stabilizes the Earths spin. Without it, weather on Earth would be a chaotic horror. At what distance do you start noticing the dramatic effects on the Earths climate? 5) The speed of the Earths rotation is gradually slowing. At what point in time, and speed do you start noticing the effects on the Earths climate? 6) Natural emissions can affect the composition of the atmosphere, damaging the ozone, which in turn effects how much of the Suns rays impact the Earths climate. These emissions include: a) Gases produced in decomposition of vegetation and dead animals. b) There are huge pockets of gases trapped beneath the sea, that are the result of decomposition from enormous piles of dead bodies from instant mass burials beneath the sea...... These pockets of gases periodically burst to the surface. They have been known to cause ships at sea to capsize and sink. In fact, if these enormous pockets of gas could be tapped into, they would be a good source of energy for heating homes, etc... c) Laugh if you will, but Farts --- Every living thing on the face of the Earth, including termites, produces gas, and gas from every creatures fecal matter also produces quite a lot. The more life of every kind there is on the Earth, the more gas emissions are produced. That, too, is something you cannot control, unless you start eradicating life on Earth.... 7) As far as man-made emissions are involved --- It is Third World Countries, which have No Environmental Protection Controls, that are the Main Producers of environmental pollutants --- not developed countries, like the U.S. Try to convince other countries to change the way they do things.... World wide sanctions and trade embargoes seem to be an effective form of blackmail, these days.... Perhaps developed countries can at least put some mandates and stiff fines on those factories that have owners, who are either their citizens or are living in developed countries, forcing their factories to comply with home country rules, even when their factories are off-shore? That might be enough to level the field of competition costs, as well, thus bringing some factory jobs back to the U.S. and other developed countries at the same time, while lowering global factory emissions...... Can any of these factory emissions be used for some productive purpose? If a cash value for otherwise harmful emissions can be found, using such gases for productive purposes that involve converting any byproducts to a harmless form, would be the most effective means of control..... ***
Posted on: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 15:05:34 +0000

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