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Gods Daily Whisper To The Grown Woman October 20, 2013 Every morning, when you awake, allow the first thoughts to enter your mind and the first words out of your mouth to be a WORD of PRAISE for God and the GOODNESS he has brought into YOUR life. Praise him for both your answered promise and your agonizing pain. Cry out THANK YOU through your current circumstance and for divine circumvention of what YOU could have gone through. Do a morning dance of devotion for delivering blessings to your spiritual doorstep and for denying the enemys attack on your mind, body, and soul. Why do we resist praising God when things arent going our way? This is when we SHOULD be praying, praising, thanking, and dancing boldly, fearlessly, and with a sense of expectancy. There is an old saying that says This too shall pass and it ALWAYS does. God has given us free will and does not demand that we worship or praise him. But how AWESOME does it feel when you give someone exactly what they had been hoping for, waiting for, and praying for. Doesnt it feel AMAZING to be showered with their adoration and appreciation? Doesnt it make you want to DO MORE? If EVER you need to wonder why God DESERVES so much praise, you dont have to look any further than Psalm 103 which briefly lists many things the creator is capable of doing including blessing our whole being, forgetting NONE of the blessings we have prayed for, healing all sickness, crowning us with love and compassion, wrapping us up in goodness and renewing our youth. The list goes on, but isnt this plenty already? Isnt this enough that when your alarm clock goes off, you can go into IMMEDIATE PRAISE because if for nothing else, you have lived another day in the earthly realm and it is another day to love and be love, live and let live, and to simply say thank-you for the grace and mercy that has been bestowed upon you. God has assured us that this next season is one of YES AND MORE so lets PRAISE HIM in ADVANCE! TODAY, CELEBRATE God for what he didnt give you, for what you have, and for whats on the way!!! Lakara Foster M.Ed
Posted on: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 21:30:01 +0000

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