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Golden Haven Memorial Park The most Beautiful Memorial Park in Cebu…. Beauty, Pride and Dignity is the driving forces for this Park’s Change and progress. These virtues have inspired Golden Haven, to be the First Memorial Park to launch themed-developments. Drawing from the stately architectural line of Italy, Golden Haven- Cebu is a showcase of elegance and beauty. Undulting hills, graceful road works, resplendent gardens, tasteful statuaries, distinctive tree, canopied avenues and raw nature hugging this beautiful park builds up the character that is eniquely Golden Haven. This Park commits to preseve in it’s best place that is in our hearts, the memories of our dearly departed loved-ones while ensuring to create new and pleasant ones. Read your favorite novel under the cool shade of the breathtaking Native Acacias or get that sense of freedom just by looking at the pretty butterflies fluttering by, unafraid… One can simply stroll along the brick-covered walkways at the Imperial Garden and enjoy either the sway of the pole bamboos or the sway of the colorful Koi in it’s pond. A picnic mat, a picnic basket, and a lazy afternoon is all one needs to be refreshes and ready to face the demands of life once again. It’s Location 8 kilometeres from the bustling commercial of Gaisano Country Mall 5 kilometers from Metrobank-Talamban Branch 3 minutes ride away from Cebu International School 2 PUJ rides from Mandaue 1 PUJ ride from Ayala Business Center ( @ about 45 minutes) For Investment Side FEATURES BENEFITS 1.)Tangible, Safe and Valued Investment (Real Property) Low risk and High Assurance of Profit 2.) Known as the Most Beautiful Memorial Park Prestige, Pride 3.) Unique Development One of a kind, Different from all the rest 4.) Themed Park Has become a Destination, A tourist Attraction, A Relaxing Get-Away ( It is even a good pre-nuptial pictorial site) 5.) Existing Infrastructure Made Accessible, Value Appreciation 6.) 28 years of Continued Park Development Stability and Security 7.) Strong Marketing Network Assurance of a Good Support System 8.) Big and Expandable Area of Development Assurance of Dedicated Maintenance 9.) Credit Life Insurance Worry-Free Property Ownership Inventories Offered 1.) Law Lot-is an investment developed for a double-tiered underground interment. It is characterized by carpets of green Bermuda grass and flat black granite ground markers. 2.) Columbarium- a.Pallazzo Laterano b.Thereseum c.Family Columbarium 3.) Garden Plaza- The Garden Plaza is a compound and comfy investment for the family which features 2 Lawn Lots and 3 Columbariums all in an exclusive garden finished with it’s own private bench and guarded by the Sints of transfiguration. Namely St. John, St. Peter and St. James. 4.) Garden Plots- it is devoted for double-tiered underground interment. It is composed of 3 to 6 lots each measuring 1-meter wide by 2.50-meters long. It is ideal for family or group investment 5.) 4-Lot Garden Niche- is designed with both underground and above-ground interments. It is characterized by 4 Lawn Lots for the underground interments and a Niche coupled with 3 Vaults for the above-ground interments. 6.) Family Patio-is defined as an area that adjoins a dwelling, is often paved, and is adapted especially to outdoor areas. At the Imperial Gardens, the Family Patio is a long-term investment for teh family since it offers unlimited interment. it is ideal for those who enjoy relaxing in open air. It spells exclusivity, privacy and security. 7.) Family Estate- In keeping with the Italian theme, Marco Polo, the legendary Italian explorer and his documented travels into China, provided the spring board of design inspiration. Marco Polo’s description of Chinese opulence and granduer led the Golden Haven Design Team in the creation of the Imperial Garden.Sensitive to traditional Chinese designs and aesthetics, the gardens are landscaped with idyllic moon gates, ponds and walkways. The Imperial garden have 4 destinctive areas, namely the Island Mausoleum, the Shore Lots, the Mandarin Court and the Dragon Court. Prices in Each Inventories 1.) Law Lots = Php 115,000.000 to Php 148,000.00 2.) Columbarium = Php 77,000.00 to Php 109,000.00 3.) Family Columbarium = Php 215,000.00 to Php 274,000.00 4.) Family Gallery = Php 2,838,000.00 5.) Garden Plots = Php 340,000.00 to Php 530,000.00 6.) 4-Garden Niche = Php 460,000.00 to Php 585,000.00 7.) 12-Lot Garden Plaza = Php 1,454,000.00 for site visit please contact: LORNA J. ALON 09331614663 09195849530 032-4203786
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