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Good Evening. Our re-tooled New England LARP Calendar has been updated to reflect events scheduled in 2015 across the 46 (or so) active New England LARPs! We have made a few changes this year; primarily that weve restricted the LARPs we are tracking to those in CT, MA, RI, NH and ME. Secondly, weve chosen to define LARP, for the purposes of this calendar, as a Live Action Role-playing Event taking place at a camp site over the course of the weekend and featuring boffer combat as a conflict resolution mechanic. There are a number of other types of LARPs out there and many of them have strong communities that support them; why hello there, Intercon N. In previous years we tried our best to include events up and down the East Coast but eventually got overwhelmed! There are a LOT of games out there (were looking at you, New Jersey!). A number of games havent released dates for 2015 yet and will be added when they do. In addition, there seem to be a growing number of games coming online for their first events this year and it is likely Ive missed at least one of them. If you know of a New England LARP that is not listed on our calendar please let us know! xeph-ink/calendar/
Posted on: Mon, 29 Dec 2014 01:27:17 +0000

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