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Good Morning Dolls and Kens we will continue with our colour series for May . Today the colour is orange . The colour orange radiates warmth and happiness, it offers emotional strength in difficult times and helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief.Orange brings spontaneity and a positive outlook on life and is a great colour to use during tough economic times, keeping us motivated and helping us to look on the bright side of life. So my lovies Do something spontaneous today , Life, Love and do not forget to Laugh !! Get your Genuine Handmade piece today from Original Appeal !! Inbox for prices!! Ambi Holmes Andrea Beckford-Dunn Ancilla Knowles Abi M. Clarke Adelia Lynn Davis Donette Archer Williamson Yvonne Armbrister Lakeisha Albury Shelly Archer Malekah Bowe Evardneke Barr-Mortimer Brenda Harris Yonarda Beneby Monique Belony Samantha Brown Wardissa Brown Erica Bain-Brown Shavaughn Blades Cherese Brown Niecy Curry Cherise Ferguson-Toote The Purple Olive Companies Garnell C. Dames Terez Curry Christelle Sturrup Talita Gray-Clarke Patricia Clarke Carole Rodgers Cheryl Whyms Chevette Charlow Williamson Cheryl Rolle Deryn Prabhu Dominique McQueen Samantha Davis Denethera Roberts Denise Farrington Euphemia Davis Desaree Romer Dames GeorgetteMarie Nadia Darcia Family Kenya Ferguson Michelle Fox Monique Romer-Fountain Marita Ferguson Khandi Gibson Foam Kervinique Patrice Ferguson Hattie Ferguson Tamika Ferguson Lisa Ferguson Nicole Gardiner Janice Gibson Tiah Grimes Tealeh Wright Lesley Hutchinson Tanielle Hamilton-Turner Shervonne Johnson Julie Ritchie Jane Martin Sheral Kemp Kelly Rolle Kally Roberts Lynette Rolle Latisha Taylorr Anishka Lockhart Margo Lightbourne Prinisca Mckinney Nadine MunroePhaedra Mackey-KnowlesNatashe Bennett Alexia Nottage Nadia Minnis-Sands Shae Shae Sherry Stevenson Kireze Simmons Shavasse Eyma Sherry Morris Erica T. Stuart Tonya Clarke Requitta VarmaSiobhan Reilly Rella Russell
Posted on: Mon, 26 May 2014 15:06:00 +0000

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