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Good morning my friends. I am so sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday, but it was one of those days. We were packing up to come home and the blasted computer and wi-fi at the motel was slower than molasses in January. Oops, I forgot, some younger people read my post, too. For you youngsters, molasses is something we old people used to eat that was made out of sugar cane. The finished product, after it was squeezed out of the cane and then boiled down, was sort of like Karo Syrup except better and was homemade, too. Molasses usually poured pretty slow in any kind of weather but was known to be even slower in the colder months, hence, “Slower than molasses in January.” Now, you know the rest of the story. By the way, homemade molasses was especially good as a dessert when you stirred in a little butter and then sopped it up with a hot homemade biscuit. Well, what a weekend we had at Ocean Isle Beach!! Our grandson tied the knot on Saturday to the beautiful, Meredith Andrews at her parents home at Ocean Isle Beach. The wedding turned out to be a surprise, everyone was invited to an engagement party and only the grandparents and parents knew in advance. Only one person showed up in a suit and tie and I figured he was a man of the cloth and was there to tie a knot or to lay somebody away…I was hoping for a knot-tying. We are extremely proud to have Meredith as a member of our family. Dustin couldn’t have done better, that boy has a sharp eye. The entire Andrews family pulled out all stops and had their beautiful property dressed up for the occasion. The barbeque and all the fixins’ were scrumptious and I ate with the gusto of a starved hound dog. I will try my best to get some of these pics posted in the next day or so. Michele painted our marker for Gigi’s little grave and I bought some clear enamel paint and sprayed it over it in hopes to keep it looking good eternally. Every where we went, we saw somebody with their dogs and it made us think of Gigi. That dog often aggravated us to distraction, but how we miss her now. She was a sweetie; that was for sure. I was going to the mountains today to photograph the mountain laurel, but have a lot of catching up to do at the gallery and will probably stay around town unless I change my mind before I get to work. I haven’t exercised in over a week and I found it very difficult to get up and down this weekend, so maybe I had better plan on going to the Planet this morning for a little physical exertion. I hope you all have a good day filled with happiness. Be sure to make friends today with everybody you meet, you’ll be glad you did. Make peace, tend wounds, forgive all, and love everybody. God Bless!!
Posted on: Mon, 02 Jun 2014 08:29:07 +0000

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