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Good people, its 10 months on, !everyone, across the political divide have in their own way bragged about the level of performance of their respective leaders !none is confessing of wht they have gained so far! from migori(empty),to homabay (600billion city) to siaya revival of cotton n textile industries, to kisumu (empty ) to kisii, to Nairobi (empty) to machakos mpaka busia, Mombasa na isiolo, laptop, railway,huduma center , uwezo funds ALL NOTWITHSTANDING,not to forget China n USA trips ! Comrades want to know, apart from their expensive , pimp n color launching of all these projects , Comrades want to know how far all these projects have gone! comrades want to know how soon is soon that 1 million jobs were to be generated per year!comrades want to know how far homabay agricity,machakos n konza have gone? Letter to politicians> this is a new era, PERFORMANCE IS NOT NEGOTIABLE! be informed, ALL YOUR COLORFUL posters designed in the UK with heavens promises are in our stores! Mr politician we are in a new era,be informed, that youre dealing with a new generation of intellects, BE INFORMED WAHESHIMIWA!
Posted on: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 08:01:10 +0000

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