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Grilled boneless beef country ribs for supper...lets just say...they were palatable, and Mike McGuire did a wonderful job with them...BUT, we will not be purchasing MORE of these! Did get my office printing done and some files organized that had been put off as long as I could. Oh a few hundred business cards created also, which will be plenty for here, and also a winter supply to take to Florida with me. Got 4 beautiful hanging petunias to grace the campground, thanks to good friend Barb who stopped and picked them up this morning on her way into work. Few reservations taken today for the upcoming weekend. One crazy phone call. Lady wanted to know if we rent RIVER TRAMPOLINES. I replied "no I am sorry we do not and I have no idea who would rent these." She replied "WHY". I said "cause I sure would not want anyone jumping off them into a rocky river. It would be a safety concern and my liability insurance company would FLIP OUT" Yep...she said "WHY?" I said "cause I am sure that they would crack their heads wide open on the huge rocks on the bottom of the river." She said "she will keep calling around until she finds them." SHE WONT...and HERE IS HER SIGN!!!!!
Posted on: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 23:47:36 +0000

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