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Grooming day for Prince, heres an update on his week. Prince just keeps getting better! We actually had a thunderstorm last week and he did bark just once, I thanked him for letting us know and that was the end of it. The storm raged on and he took a nap. He barked at the garbage disposal a couple of times too but stopped as soon as we told him to. We did find a wet spot near the cat’s litter box and while I don’t know for certain who did it, I suspect my amber boy was the culprit. It was the ONLY mess in the house all week though and he goes to the door if he needs to go out between our regular trips. We did a 7 hour road trip this week, Prince is an awesome traveler, alternating between napping in the kennel and standing in the back with his front paws on the center console, keeping track of my driving. We groomed him this week and it was a mixed bag. He has a real problem with clippers being close to his face, which may explain all that muzzle hair when we got him. He also has a very strong aversion to having his left front leg handled. We got him groomed up and he looks great but it was not without some tense moments. I decided to let the muzzle clipping go for now in the interest of trying to make it all a positive experience for him (and me). He does fine with scissors around his head, muzzle and feet but we need to work on the clipper thing. Prince is a good boy and is simply fearful (for whatever reason) of the clippers in certain areas, he stood perfectly while I used clippers on the rest of his body. With calm, patience and persistence he will learn he doesn’t need to fear the clippers. Other than the little glitches getting him groomed, it is a real joy having Prince in our home as part of our poodle pack!
Posted on: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 17:37:48 +0000

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