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Guidelines are as follows: Each member of The Book Coalition will commit to reading the same title within a divided, but designated time-frame. This will be determined by the length of the book. This can be somewhat loosely done, with members schedules respected and considered. If you think youll need an extension, just comment. In most cases the books will be divided by chapter, unless the chosen book is a reasonably short read. Once the chapter is chosen, members will be given a designated time frame to read it. The time given will always be in weekly increments. Open Discussions will start every Saturday at any time. Example: * Chapter number and/or title ; Book Title - Author (mm/dd - mm/dd) * This doesnt mean you have to stop reading, but the assumption will be that each member will have read the chapter in its entirety when the open discussion begins on Saturday. Whether theres a posted list, or an open suggestion, our titles will be rotated according to majority votes. If votes arent put in, a book will still be chosen. Please keep in mind how moderate debate should be handled with respect to all book coalition members and their individual opinions.
Posted on: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 13:13:24 +0000

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