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Hapkisun(Zen) Principle: When you train Hapkisun with mind and body, you should perform in order as concentrate, observe and realize. Try to draw the way how universe moves and follow that motion. Every laws of movement moves by gravity. Universe to Sun, Earth, Moon and Planet itself moves by its own gravity. When Yuna Kim triple spins, the spin sticks to central point and when the spin finish, it comes back to original state in rotary motion. When you twiststraw rope, the first part of rope centers and it make possible to twist. When you untie, you have to re-spin as much as you twist in the first place. Also when you twist the wet towel, it balances and dewater by twisting. If you hold a stick with two hands and turn hands, both body and arms are twisted. When your body is balanced, we call it as Stretch, and when body is stopped then we call it Yoga. Hapkisun has action connection of circle which make possible to train Yoga and qigong. Hapkisun is interaction exercise which you can train through SNS and video call even if your friends or families are far away. Hapkisun is especially good for those patients who need to exercise for rehabilitation. Also appropriate for old men whose bodies are inconvenient. Hapkisun is good for earreflexology, menopause, frozen shoulder and melancholiac
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