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Happy Australia Day everyone! How wonderful is it to be an Aussie!What a wonderful country we live in! Such a gift! Do something fun today. If you are relaxing, let youself relax, without guilt, without worry about the work that is undone. If you are with loved ones, let yourself love them, and allow them to love you. Allow yourself to feel close. If you are working, enjoy your work with the right attitude, work can be pleasurable also. If you are doing something fun, let yourself enjoy it fully! If there is a positive pleasure available - Indulge!! Today do something for you, something that you really enjoy, that makes YOU feel great! Ignite your spirit with the intention of your true worthiness!!! You totally deserve the very, very best - no limitations. Realise that you are a gift to this world, when you realise and embrace that knowing, you can co -create so much with the universe that is so dedicated to You! The truth of self love and being ready to receive your gifts, with a heart filled with total gratitude, will blow you away!!! Today may you celebrate all of YOU! All that you have in your life and all that is coming into your life. Today is a great day to write your goals and Trust! Celebrate this wonderful country we live in!!! Love you, Namaste Valerie xoxoxoxo
Posted on: Sat, 25 Jan 2014 06:07:11 +0000

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