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Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing person I had the chance to get to know, although it was a short amount of time, I treasure and cherish every second of it. Today would be the day I would of bought you a card, gift and probably some flowers and in return gotten to see that amazing smile. Although I know your not with us all as we celebrate you birthday, I know your watching down on every single one of us and smiling and keeping us strong and keeping us going in life, and providing us with the motivation we need. I’ve never missed some one as much as Alex, but each passing day is a new day and I know Alex is there with me. She was one of the best friends I could ask for, and it’s very hard to not think about her and think about that amazing smile and how that simple smile could make any day better. I still glance over at the employee entrance at Belk, hoping to see her walk through the door smiling as always. But what gets me through each day is knowing where she is now, and how she is having the time of her life and that she’s is truly happy and always smiling. Also I know I will see you again, and I know it wil be just as amazing and beautiful as the first time I saw you and met you. I cant wait for that day to come! I love and miss you so much !Happy Birthday Alexandra Jo Hamilton, I hope you have an amazing day in heaven and its as amazing as you are, you deserve it ! we all miss you and love you so much.
Posted on: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 04:49:24 +0000

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