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Happy birthday to the Nov. 9 Scorpios! Heres your profile! Scorpio Born on November 9 Scorpios born on November 9 are assertive, bold, multi-talented individuals who can excel at more than one hobby or career path due to their ability to adapt to their environment and quickly learn new skills. These Scorpios are solution-oriented, and therefore they make great team workers and leaders. When other people are about to give up and go home, November 9th Scorpios will put in the long hours and find a way to make it work. Their attention to detail never fails them. November 9 Scorpios sometimes use humor as a way to hide their intense sensitivities. People who just met these Scorpios may assume that they have a highly cynical, sarcastic or snappy personality. Those who have known these Scorpios for quite some time understand that sometimes they are just playing around, and other times their humor is used as a form of self-protection. November 9 Scorpios are some of the most suspicious Scorpios and it will take them quite some time to trust you, but if you are lucky enough to earn their trust, eventually they will let you see what exists behind their tough wall. If you are a Scorpio born on November 9, you are willing to take other people’s opinions into account, but ultimately you follow your own gut when it comes to decision-making. This can lead to burned bridges down the line if people find you to be overly fixed in your beliefs. However, for the most part, your stubbornness can work out in your favor because people know that you are not easily influenced. You much prefer to follow your heart rather than be swayed by anyone’s intellectual reasoning. November 9th Scorpios pave their own path and create their own destinies. Although they can be moody and distant at times, their emotional world is rich and full of fantasy and passion. When these Scorpios decide to open up and share their inner magic and spirituality with the world around them, they brighten up every room they walk into and they leave every human being in complete awe. © 2014 ScorpioMystique ~Willow
Posted on: Sun, 09 Nov 2014 23:14:33 +0000

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