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Have to meet with attorney today. Finally get the paperwork that will allow me to handle Moms business. This is a lesson all should learn from. If you dont have it done, please I beg, get either a will or POA set up. Because of HIPPA laws, I cant even pay Moms bills because no one can talk to me without the stupid piece of paper stating they can. Doesnt matter that I paid her stuff and dealt with it all prior to her death. Also, for those of you that dont know, you can add Pay upon death to bank accounts, that allows the accounts to be handled by the people you have appointed. PLUS they do NOT have to include this in the estate. Another thing we have found is you can do TRANSFER upon death of your house. That too will assure your house goes to whom you want it to go to and it does NOT have to go through probate. Nobody out there is going to tell you these things but when you ask, they will abide. Definitely saves huge headaches for those left behind. Mom and I discussed all week the last week she lived about doing a will. We just never took the time to go online and print out one. How I regret no spending that 15 minutes to an hour of time that it would have taken to get it done. We had no reason to believe that a week later we would need it.
Posted on: Fri, 09 Jan 2015 16:49:55 +0000

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