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Have to thank Luke Green for an awesome job lead... Thanks bro! Without saying much, I have to say something because its like the most ideal setting/ situation I could possibly hope-- Really want this job--- The best part... mack dab in the middle of the Fox River, and amenities galore... if its where Im thinking. I cannot think of a more ideal situation-- Would be able to supplement an income with my goal/ passion. So you know that supercharged feeling you get when you want something really badly, and you have an intuitive feeling like its meant to happen... I try not to bring up metaphysical conversations, but I know this feeling Im having--- Willing & flowing with this to happen... Scarier is someone once told me of a dream that I was living on a river... Wont discuss the rest of that, but that has crossed my mind from time to time... Ive even over the years eyed up one particular building.. Because Id pass this building occasionally walking or riding bike.. then having imaginatice thoughts of how fricken awesome itd be living in that little place overlooking the river.. Fingers are crossed for the ultimate Feng Shui flowing water towards your home thingy!
Posted on: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 22:34:48 +0000

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