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Head of Southwark Cyclists, Andy Cawdell, has sadly refused to reply any more of our emails from Stop Killing Cyclists,because I reported back on the official correspondence between them and us, over their failure so far to support the inclusion of segregated cycle lanes on the busy new arterial roads being built in the redeveloped Aylesbury Estate. A ridiculous amount of time is being spent to try and get Southwark Cyclists (local LCC branch) to support the segregation proposals, despite these being two really busy roads with HGVs, construction lorries for huge redevelopment crowding the roads for next 15 years and bus routes with numerous schools adjacent to them, so unavoidable for kids. I make no apology for being open and transparent about the official communications I make and receive on behalf of Stop Killing Cyclists. I do not see why he has a problem with it, especially as all the correspondence was ccs to otehr members of Stop Killing Cyclists and Southwark Cyclists. Here is the latest correspondence: Dear Andy I wrote to you in my official capacity to you as co-organiser of Stop Killing Cyclists and you replied in your capacity as Co-ordinator of Stop Killing Cyclists. We have a practice of letting our members seeing our communications on their behalf and letting them see the official responses we receive, so that they can make up their own minds. Your emails did not indicate that they were private, and so am at a loss at why you should refuse to continue liaising with our cycling campaign. All we are asking is for SC to decide at its next meeting to support segregated cycle lanes on Albany Road and Thurlow Street. We believe that with SCS support we could win this battle and have protection for the kids as they go to local schools on streets crowded with construction trucks, buses and HGVs. I look forward to hearing SCS decision on the issue at its next meeting on August 13th, for which please receive my apologies as a paid up member of SC. Yours Donnachadh McCarthy Co-organiser Stop Killing Cyclists Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the EE network. From: Andy Cawdell Sent: Wednesday, 30 July 2014 12:42 To: 3 Acorns Eco-Audits; Lonely Joe Parker Cc: Matt Ashby;Jane Dent; Donnachadh McCarthy; john.garthwaite; abby taubin; Richard Llewellyn-Davies; Jeremy Leach; Sally Eva Subject: Re: [Southwark Cyclists] Re: Aylesbury cycle paths Good afternoon I note you have copied a message I sent to you verbatim to Facebook without asking me if you had my permission to do so. I therefore will not be emailing you again. And of course Southwark Cyclists supports segregation where appropriate - we were doing this a long time before you were formed - where do you think the original GLC cycle routes including the Elephant bypass came from? You believe what developers say at your peril. Warmly Andy Southwark Cyclists Co-ordinator Trustee Herne Hill Velodrome Trust >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> On 29/07/2014 10:49, 3 Acorns Eco-Audits wrote: > Dear Andy > > Thanks for letting me know when the next meeting of Southwark Cyclists is. > > It would be useful to know what time the meeting starts at, as it is not on our Website? > > I am perplexed by your reply to our request to our Stop Killing Cyclists request to you that we > unite to call for the segregated cycle lanes on Thurlow Street and Albany Road, that Southwark Cyclists cannot do this. > > It seems a very bizarre and difficult position to find yourselves in. > > > Best wishes > Donnachadh > > > > > > > On 29/07/2014 10:16, Andy Cawdell wrote: >> Good morning >> >> Still no reply re where the casualty you adduced re this issue took place and would have been prevented by segregation as opposed to junction design, driver liability and/ or driver training? >> >> Next Southwark Cyclists meeting is 13th August 2014. >> >> Re your I do hope SC will join with Stop Killing Cyclists in a united front as soon as you possibly can that is not a possibility - Southwark Cyclists is part of LCC - part of the charity - and as such any united fronts need to be approved by the charity >> >> Re the need for segregation these counts of cyclist using the areas are interesting - I believe this is a one hour slot in am and pm rush hour - looks like less cars than bikes. >> >> And yes I know that if you build facilities people will come - but existing segregations act as throttles to cycling - e.g. Tavistock Place - whereas traffic calmed 20 mph controlled 5m wide roads have a much greater capacity >> Warmly >> >> Andy >> >> Andy Cawdell >> [email protected]
Posted on: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 12:06:45 +0000

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