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Healing the Heart 09/28/20140 Comments At the church I attend, the pastor spoke on the first two chapters of the book Acts, where the needs of people were being met. We were then challenged to meet someones need, and show them the love that they deserve without fear or judgment. This is how I define counseling. People do not come see me or any other therapist because they are happy. They see people like me because something hurts and is not right. A few years ago, I went to a training on how to identify traumatic experiences in men. It completely opened my eyes to the extent that we suffer. What I learned is that even a simple negative word spoken by someone we love is enough to negatively change the course in our life. Jesus spoke about this subject in the book of Luke by saying, It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones stumble Luke 6:2 NIV. I know I dont have to go into what we should or should not say or do to others, but I want to discuss how help people heal and change. I have unfortunately seen, on more than one occasion, a frustrated parent say a negative statement towards their childs core being. As these words were spoken, I could literally see the childs spirit being crushed; the seeds of trauma were planted. There is little doubt that I or someone else will see those children sometime in the future. Healing is a process. Sometimes it is quick, and other times, slow. Quite often, a seemingly lifetime of pain and suffering is reducible to one person, event, or action. In situations as these, healing and relief can even be attained in as little as one session. Two techniques that I employ in my practice that transform lives are clinical hypnosis and EMDR. With clinical hypnosis, a person becomes self aware of their own healing potential, and will learn to see their life and circumstances through newly awakened eyes. The results for most people are nothing short of amazing. For the person who wants to tackle past pain and suffering, EMDR is the way to go. As I have explained in more detail on my website, EMDR forces the individual to face their fears and past head on. This results in incredibly rapid change. With EMDR I have seen, more times than I can count, a person, who has had several suicide attempts and psychiatric hospitalizations, leave my office smiling, happy, and the past finally behind them. If you suffer, please dont hesitate to call, text, or write. My cell is 828-303-0875 Till next time my friends, Justin Gastonia Counseling and Hypnosis - JustinFeaselCounseling #Charlotte #Gastonia #CLT #Hypnosis #EMDR #NC #SC #Pain #PTSD #help #Life #Counseling #RockHill
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