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Hello Everyone! Doing a late night post with some questions and such. So this is my 2010 Elantra GL. I had a thought to build the car around the rims and tires and go from there. With stock everything my mileage is down some (sorry for the Canadian Km but) I avg with these 18*8.5 about 450-500 or so kms per tank. (Was getting just shy of 750+) I figure with the greater width am pushing more air than I need be, but I had hoped to (over the coming years) add the following. Coilovers (no make preferred but would want a stiff ride up higher .ish) Jattus Turbos? I read up a Florida group specifically into turbocharged KIA and Hyundai cars, maybe someone has had a good experience (or bad..just looking for feedback) Installing 1.8L pistons in my 2.0L (Been thinking and would love more feedback) A simple B2 Body Kit by Dynaflex and the difficulty/ ease to flare our fenders on the front an read quarter panels A cold air intake (placed down low and with pricing of a Plug for winter) Headlights? I saw some nice ones on carid but dont know the site very well OR if they can be trusted. Of course obligatory air filter. But what else? What am I missing other that a new hood ? Stabilizer rods something something? Ive had a few Hyundais. And my First New was a 11 Touring. Made it to Tennessee and back to Ontario on 350 bucks! Miss that girl. (Car). Anyways. My idea was to make the car perform at least to a 600 km / tank efficiency and (hopefully). See even nicer results come winter with 195 65 15 Hakka R2s. Can anyone offer up one thoughts and/or feedback? :). Thanks again. P.s. Niagara Falls NY killed my tierods. Almost certain of it. OH. And what of 4 piston brakes up front? Any suggestions?
Posted on: Mon, 26 May 2014 05:03:34 +0000

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